“Borrowing equally from the diary-like intimacy of bedroom pop acts like Frankie Cosmos or Free Cake For Every Creature, and the deadpan sardonic humour of the Silver Jews or the Mountain Goats, Renberg spins stories of advancing into adulthood proper, tales that are equal parts funny, wistful and tender.”
Various Small Flames

“[T]here exists something that immediately makes her music familiar, as if you’ve been listening to her for years. Perhaps it’s the fact that Sara seems like she’s having a great time just writing the songs, maybe even cracking little jokes to herself as she pens the lyrics.” – Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall

“Lyrically it really shines, Sara walking the similarly mundane-surreal tight-rope perfected by the likes of Frankie Cosmos and The Mountain Goats […] A wry observer of the minutiae that make life both crushing and beautiful” – For the Rabbits

“Sara Renberg’s low-fi indie rock is straightforward, simple, and fun […] I wish I could quote the whole album.” – Autostraddle


“[Antiquated Future’s] best release yet […] Absurdist, deadpan, charming, witty.”
K records mailer

“If released a decade and a half ago, indiepop bible Chickfactor would have been all over The Tall Calm. Sliding between deadpan and expressive, Portland-based Sara Renberg has an observational honesty and surrealness that reminds me of early Magnetic Fields and Stephen Malkmus.” – Chiara Grassia, BMA Mag