Sara’s third full length record, BUTCH SPRING, will be released on Antiquated Future Records on March 5, 2021.  Returning members are Cay Davis on drums and Joshua James Amberson on bass, with additional assists from Andrew Kovaleski on woodwinds and Alice Haas on trumpet.  It was recorded by Adam Lee at Jackpot Studios in Portland, OR and Nate Campisi at Mr. Small’s in Pittsburgh, Pa.  It was mastered by Adam Gonsalves of Telegraph Mastering in Portland, OR.  Zoe Wodarz drew the cover art.

Her previous releases — NIGHT SANDS, THE TALL CALM, and the EMILY SONGS EP — are all available on Antiquated Future Records. 

She volunteered as an instructor at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp For Girls in Portland for many years, and is now involved with Girls Rock! Pittsburgh.

She is also in a synth pop band called Holotypes.

She was in a queer Heart cover band called HEART-ON.